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Money Magnet Intention Candle: Draw Wealth and Prosperity from CIRCE

Money Magnet Intention Candle: Draw Wealth and Prosperity from CIRCE

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Illuminate Your Space with Abundance, Prosperity, and the Sweet Scent of Success.

Harness the universe's energy and invite financial blessings into your life with our Money Magnet Intention Candle. Carefully crafted, this unique candle is more than just a flickering flame; it's a powerful beacon calling forth wealth, abundance, and prosperity.

Our candles come in a protective box and includes instructions.

Burn time: 40-45 hrs

Our 7 oz. hand poured soy wax candles include:

Pyrite Infusion: Often referred to as "Fool's Gold," pyrite is a symbol of wealth and good luck. In the world of candle magick, pyrite attracts positive energy, stimulates the flow of ideas, and encourages one’s ambitions in the financial realm. By infusing this candle with pyrite, we've created a potent tool for manifesting abundance and shielding against negative financial energies.

Citrine Essence: Known as the "Merchant's Stone," citrine is renowned for its capacity to attract wealth and prosperity. Its warm, golden energy not only stimulates creativity and motivation but also helps in transforming dreams and wishes into tangible form. When combined with candle magick, citrine's radiant energies amplify the candle's intention, magnifying its potential to draw in financial blessings.

Vanilla Undertones: Beyond its delightful aroma, vanilla possesses powerful metaphysical properties that are believed to enhance feelings of inner peace and comfort. In financial spells and rituals, vanilla aids in stabilizing one's financial position and making wise decisions, ensuring that the wealth drawn in is also preserved and multiplied.

Burst of Orange: The bright and invigorating scent of orange is synonymous with luck and abundance. Energetically, it promotes positive vibes, opening doors to opportunities and success. The inclusion of orange essence in our Money Magnet candle aids in breaking down financial blockages, ensuring an unhindered flow of prosperity.

Directions: To tap into the Money Magnet candle's powerful energies, choose a calm space, light the wick, and focus on your financial desires and ambitions. Envision the combined forces of pyrite and citrine illuminating your path to prosperity, while the soothing notes of vanilla and the vibrant touch of orange provide clarity and direction.

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Customer Reviews

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Kera E

This candle smells great and works well with my intentions!

Trippy Stauter

This is my favorite intention candle from the Circe brand!! It smells amazing!!!!! I love the way these are fixed and filled with stuff like crystals and glitter!

Didi S.
Lovely Intention Candle

Burns nicely, and I love the vanilla scent, it's very discreet and not overpowering. I love that the candle jar has a lid top to keep the dressed items that come prepared with the candle. There are tiny crystals, Pyrite, glitter, and herbal additions in the candle. Place your intention within you, and light it up! Very happy with it!

Tiffany Farr
Money magnet fixed candle

This candle smells so good.


Love this candle. The smell is amazing