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CIRCE Spell Kits - 4 Intentions Available

CIRCE Spell Kits - 4 Intentions Available

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Elevate your intentions effortlessly with our curated selection of ritual kits: Love, Prosperity, Full Moon, and Spiritual Protection. Each kit features a smudge bundle, full-size CIRCE spell oil, fixed crystal tealight, and a bracelet, all neatly packaged for your convenience. With easy-to-follow instructions included, manifesting your desires has never been simpler.

Love Ritual Kit: Harness the power of love and attraction with this kit, designed to amplify romantic energy and foster deep connections, complete with potent oils, crystals, and ceremonial tools.

Full Moon Ritual Kit: Embrace the lunar energy and release what no longer serves you with this kit, crafted to facilitate intention-setting, cleansing, and renewal under the glow of the full moon.

Spiritual Protection Ritual Kit: Shield yourself from negative influences and cultivate inner strength with this kit, featuring tools for purification, grounding, and creating a protective barrier against unwanted energies.

Prosperity Ritual Kit: Manifest abundance and financial well-being with this kit, crafted to attract wealth, success, and opportunities, utilizing ancient practices and powerful symbols to align with prosperity energies.

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These spell kits are awesome and an amazing deal. the

I love these kits so much! For only $22 you get a sage bundle, spell oil, tea light candle, and crystal bracelet. Such an amazing deal the bracelets are usually $15-18 by themselves. The sage bundles are 6. you basically get a tea light and spell oil for free! Plus the jars are great for soell jars or herb storage! Love these kits can’t wait for more!!

Tammy Williams

I absolutely love this spell kit❤️❤️ I can’t wait for more to come out. I will be using all of them 🤗