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Evil Eye Protection Intention Candle from CIRCE

Evil Eye Protection Intention Candle from CIRCE

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Guard against unwanted energies and envious glares with the power of ancient wisdom and the earth's treasures.

In myriad cultures, the evil eye is a look of malevolence, cast out of envy or ill-wishing, that can bring about misfortune. Our Evil Eye Protection Intention Candle is meticulously designed to not only counteract these negative energies but to also envelop you in a cocoon of protection, ensuring that your spirit remains untouched and your aura stays vibrant.

Each candle comes in a protective box and instructions.

Burn time: 40-45hrs

Our 7 oz. Hand Poured Soy Wax Candle includes:

Black Tourmaline Infused: Dubbed as the "spiritual bodyguard," black tourmaline is a stalwart defender against negative energies and harmful intentions. Its protective qualities are especially amplified in candle magick, where it acts as a grounding force, transmuting negative energies into positive ones. As your candle burns, visualize the protective barrier of black tourmaline shielding you, absorbing and neutralizing the malicious gaze of the evil eye.

British Pearl Essence: Pearls, particularly those from the British coasts, have been long revered for their metaphysical properties. Symbolic of purity, innocence, and integrity, British pearls infuse an environment with vibrations of truth and loyalty. In the face of the evil eye, they act as anchors, keeping you aligned with your true self, ensuring that external negativity doesn't sway your inner equilibrium.

Freesia Aroma: With its delicate and sweet fragrance, freesia stands as a symbol of trust, innocence, and thoughtfulness. Its metaphysical properties align well with protection, by enveloping your aura with a gentle, soothing embrace, bolstering the protective shield and adding a layer of warmth and trust.


 In a quiet, sacred space, light the wick of your Evil Eye Protection Intention Candle. As the flame dances and the freesia aroma fills the space, meditate upon the combined strength of black tourmaline and British pearl. Visualize a protective barrier surrounding you, guarding against any negative intentions directed your way.

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Trippy Stauter

Burns nicely and not overpowering. The candle jar has a lid top to keep the dressed items that come prepared with the candle. There are tiny crystals, glitter, and herbal additions in the candle. Place your intention within you, and light it up! The smell on these intention candles are to die for!

Tiffany Farr
Evil eye fixed candle

Oh I cannot wait to get this!


Evil Eye Protection Intention Candle from CIRCE