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Tarot Intention Candle- Messages from the Universe

Tarot Intention Candle- Messages from the Universe

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 Our Tarot Candle Collection is more than just an aromatic experience—it's a spiritual journey. Designed to not only illuminate your space but also to bring clarity to your soul, each candle holds a hidden gem: a unique tarot card bearing a message from the universe, waiting to be discovered by you.

Each candle comes in a protective box and includes instructions.

Burn time: 40-45 hrs.

Our 7 oz hand poured soy wax candles include:

Unique Tarot Card Surprise: As the wax of your candle melts away, a tarot card will be revealed, carrying with it insights and guidance tailored to your current journey. Each card has been infused with positive energy and is meant to inspire and enlighten. 


Labradorite Infused: The magical and metaphysical properties of labradorite are deeply intertwined with the essence of this candle collection. Known as the "Stone of Magic," labradorite awakens one's innate psychic abilities, enhances intuition, and protects against negativity. With its mysterious iridescence, labradorite connects directly to the energies of the universe, making it a perfect companion for a tarot-inspired candle. As your flame dances, allow the energies of labradorite to heighten your connection to the spiritual realm.

Hint of Sea Salt: Every candle is gently laced with sea salt, a potent purifier. In metaphysical practices, sea salt is revered for its ability to cleanse energies, dispel negativity, and offer protection. Its addition ensures that as the candle burns, it creates a purified, sacred space for you to engage in introspection and connection with the universe.

Orchid Essence: Orchids are more than just beautiful flowers; they are symbolic of love, lux

The High Priestess Card:
Dive deep within and trust your intuition. The universe whispers its secrets to those who listen closely. You possess knowledge and insight; honor them, and they will guide you.

The Chariot Card:
Determination and willpower drive you forward. Harness the opposing forces in your life, and direct them towards your goals. Your journey is a testament to your strength and resolve.

The Wheel of Fortune Card:
Life is a cycle of highs and lows, and now, change is on the horizon. Embrace the unpredictability, knowing that every turn holds a lesson. Trust the process and the cosmic balance.

The World Card:
You stand on the cusp of completion, having journeyed through challenges and joys. The universe applauds your growth and achievements. Embrace this moment of wholeness and new beginnings.

The Strength Card:
Within you lies a fierce, gentle power. Your courage and compassion are sources of inspiration. Face adversity with grace, knowing you have the strength to overcome.

The Star Card:
Hope, healing, and renewal shine brightly for you. The universe beckons you to follow your guiding light. Trust in your dreams, and let them illuminate your path forward.

ury, strength, and beauty. Their delicate yet captivating fragrance in our candles serves to enhance your meditation or relaxation, evoking feelings of love, passion, and inner strength.


To fully harness the power of the Intention Candle Collection, find a quiet space, light the wick, and focus on your breathing. Allow the combined aromas of orchid and subtle hints of sea salt to envelop you. As the wax melts and the tarot card is revealed, embrace the message it carries, and let it guide your thoughts and reflections.




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Customer Reviews

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Trippy Stauter
My favorite one!!

This and money magnet are my favorite intention candles! It burns nicely and not overpowering. The candle jar has a lid top to keep the dressed items that come prepared with the candle. There are tiny crystals, glitter, and herbal additions in the candle. Place your intention within you, and light it up! The smell on these intention candles are to die for!

Whitney Haley

Love all of my products 😍