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CIRCE Better Business Ritual Candles - Candles

CIRCE Better Business Ritual Candles - Candles

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Boost your business with CIRCE Better Business Ritual Candles. Encased in this set are two 4" chime candles made with Bayleaf and Thyme, these candles are designed to bring success and prosperity to your work. Trust in our expertly crafted formula to enhance your business ventures.

  1. Intent: Cradle the candle, picturing the healing you seek. Let warmth flood your thoughts.
  2. Ignite Compassion: As you light the candle, breathe deeply, drawing in peace and exhaling any pain.
  3. Burn to Blossom: Allow the candle to burn completely, trusting that with each passing moment, emotional wounds are being tended to.

Embark on a journey of restoration with Circe's tender touch. 💖🌼🕯

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Customer Reviews

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Sherry Neal
CIRCE Better Business Ritual Candles

Very pleased with candles. They smell amazing. I bought these for my daughter, for her business. This week she had orders totaling nearly $1K.

Candace M Stopp

So helpful and kind during the live Pedro knows his stuff and it blows my mind how he keeps up with all the questions and people chiming in all at one time. But he’s Amazing at it all! Thank you for a timely manner on delivering my purchases. I will continue to come here for products in the future.

Trippy Stauter

Been waiting to use these till I start my business again!


Love my candles they are great to work with