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CIRCE Better Business Spell Oil 1/2 oz. - Oil

CIRCE Better Business Spell Oil 1/2 oz. - Oil

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Achieve the goals you set in business. The more and more successful you become the larger your income grows. Open yourself up to a steady growing client base.  

Prayer: “Oh Holy Spirit, let my business be of great service to others, flourishing through decency, honesty and respect for my colleagues and customers. Make me strong and courageous to make wise decisions that will build up my business to great levels of success. I ask for your guidance as I build and shape this business. Come reveal new openings and areas for expansion and development. May this business grow and flourish, creating great opportunities for all those involved. I trust in your wisdom as I seek to work hard to make this business secure and prosperous. Thank you for your guidance on this business venture. AMEN.”

Our ancestors used spiritual oils in their rituals and ceremonies hundreds, even thousands, of years ago. Many people believe that aromas of spiritual oil will put an end to adverse conditions and open the way for luck, love, money, and happiness to enter their lives. The scent will help help you stay well and feel more alive, more clear headed, and more emotionally stable and balanced. The healing powers of herbs, plants and roots to facilitate healing of mind, body and spirit.  

Spiritual oils can be used in a vast number of ways. Such as, to anoint candles, ritual tools, material, furniture, money, and other such items. Your oils can be one of the most important tools in your ritual space. Candles, crystals, amulets, talismans and other charms may be anointed with oil and this is really a great way to turn simple mundane items into items of magickal power and energy as well as charge already magickally empowered ritual tools. Aromatic spiritual oil of herbal and floral scents, have acquired special symbolical or occult significance and have thus earned a place in spiritual practices and spell craft, according to the nature of the floral and herbal essences that comprise their aroma. 

Instructions: Dab some on your wrists behind the ear even by the ankle or collar bone. Use the moment to connect to your inner source of personal power. Repeat daily or as needed until the bottle is finished. Other uses included dabbing some on objects such as a mojo bag, lottery ticket, photo, or statue. These oils can be used for many spiritual purposes.

1/2 oz twist top glass bottle.

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