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CIRCE Herbal Blends - 4 Intentions Available

CIRCE Herbal Blends - 4 Intentions Available

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Experience the mystical power of our spell herbal blends collection. Crafted for ritual practices, these aromatic blends are perfect for amulet bags, candle magick, or as loose incense. Each blend carries its own unique essence and intention, ready to elevate your spiritual journey.

Aphrodite's Love Spell Blend

Indulge in Aphrodite's Love Spell Blend, a divine fusion of rose petals, lavender, cinnamon chips, marigold, and apple cinnamon fragrance. Inspired by the goddess of love, this enchanting blend attracts new love or enhances existing flames. Invite Aphrodite's essence into your rituals and manifest the love and passion you desire.

Demeter's Abundance Blend

Embrace Demeter's Abundance Blend, a harmonious fusion of basil, bay leaves, and clove, enriched with the earthy fragrances of sandalwood and patchouli. Inspired by the goddess of agriculture, this blend channels nurturing energy to foster prosperity and growth in your life. Let Demeter's essence guide you as you manifest your desires and cultivate abundance in all aspects of your journey.

Hecate's Divination Blend

Discover Hecate's Divination Blend, a potent mix of mugwort, rosemary, sage, and frankincense resin, with the captivating scent of sage and cedarwood. Inspired by the goddess of magic and crossroads, this blend enhances divination, unlocking hidden knowledge and guiding you with clarity and insight. Invite Hecate's wisdom into your rituals and explore the mysteries of the unseen with confidence.

Athena's Protection Blend

Unveil Athena's Protection Blend, a powerful fusion of rosemary, white sage, elderberry, and the soothing aromas of rosemary and lavender. Inspired by the wisdom and strength of the goddess Athena, this blend serves as a shield against negative energies and obstacles.

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Customer Reviews

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Guest Customer
amazing blends so many uses!

Im obsessed with these blends. Not only do they smell incredible. You can use them to dress your candles for candle
magic, use in mojo bags, use in ritual baths, mix it with prosperity rice for different intentions and also as a potpourri mixed. I love to use the protection blend as a protection in my cand. It makes dressing my candles so much easier.

Pamela Schiano
I love this shop

I have never been disappointed by anything I have purchased from this shop and I love their customer service as well

Debra Lewis

I love everything I’ve gotten from you all. I can’t stop ordering, every week I say I’m not getting anything but I end up ordering anyway. I love the products. Keep going!!!😊

Great Multi Purpose Blends!

First, amazing price! Second so many uses can boil and use the water in bath. I used mine to put in my mojo bag - mixed it with some prosperity rice. Love all your products!