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Mercury Retrograde Oil Roller by CIRCE

Mercury Retrograde Oil Roller by CIRCE

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Introducing the Mercury Retrograde Oil Roller by CIRCE, a blend natural oils that helps ease the anxiety and stress associated with the planet's movement in reverse. With a convenient roller-ball design, this oil provides an easy and effective way to help smooth out the transition of this cosmic cycle.

Experience mindful tranquility with the Mercury Retrograde Oil Roller by CIRCE. This calming roller is crafted with therapeutic sage and cedarwood oil and features blue apatite crystals to promote peaceful energy and clarity. Use this potent blend to restore your mind and body.

  • A 10 ml clear glass bottle with metal roller ball.
  • Enchanting fragrance with Sage and cedarwood  
  • Made with a coconut oil base and natural fragrance oil complemented by Blue apatite crystal chips
  • Paraben-free, vegan, and cruelty-free (never tested on animals).

Directions: Swipe rollerball on pulse points; wrist, neck. Avoid contact with eyes. Reapply as desire. 

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Customer Reviews

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Did what I needed it to do in the last retrograde!

Mercury Retro Must

I need stability during MR and had to get this. Every time something was going chaotic - I would get my oil and apply. It calmed and soothed my feelings of tension. 5 star for the win!

Didi S.
Fragrant & Calming!

I got this oil specifically for Mercury Retrogade! It is very fragrant, and calms my tendencies of anxiety. It is a powerful scent, a blend of Sage & Cedarwood, earthy and clean. I love that there's Blue Apatite crystals in the bottle. Highly recommend!

Smells amazing

I dab on a little everyday day during this retrograde and I haven’t had any communication or other issues. In fact, communication has been abundant and productive. The scent is earthy and woodsy. Right up my alley!

Trippy Stauter

Waiting to use this in the next retrograde. The packaging was everything and I love crystal chips inside the roller.