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Fortune Candle - Discover your Fortune

Fortune Candle - Discover your Fortune

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Crafted with meticulous care and ensnared with the magic of ancient myths, the Fortune Candle by Circe isn’t just a candle – it’s an experience. Delve into the essence of destiny as the wick flickers, revealing hidden fortunes that guide, inspire, and enthral.

Prosperity Infused: Each candle is infused with genuine pyrite – a stone renowned for attracting prosperity and good fortune. As the candle burns, the energy of pyrite is released, setting the stage for abundance to flow into your life.

Hidden Fortunes: Hidden within the wax lies a unique fortune, waiting to unveil itself. Whether it’s a note of inspiration, a prophecy, or a guiding mantra, the Universe has a message for you.

Eco-friendly Soy Wax: Made with 100% natural soy wax, our candle ensures a clean, even burn, allowing for a longer-lasting experience and minimal environmental impact.

Mystical Fragrance: A captivating blend of vanilla and orange not only offers a warm, inviting aroma but further amplifies the magical properties of prosperity. Each scent note is handpicked for its association with wealth, abundance, and positivity.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Very beautiful. Long burning candle. Smells so amazing!

Christine Kokoruda
Lovely scent

Although it hasn't made me rich 🤑 it still has a lovely scent. It burns well also. I love the look of this candle as well. It would make a beautiful gift.

Tiffany Farr
Fortune candle

I can not wait to get this and read my little fortune!! I know it smells amazing.

Tes Jamison
Love the message

Love this candle and cute message in the bottle was so inspiring and spot on 🥰 thank you so much. It was just the words I needed to hear ❤️.