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CIRCE Big Money Ritual Candles - Candles

CIRCE Big Money Ritual Candles - Candles

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Circe unveils "Big Money" - a beacon for those chasing abundant prosperity and financial growth. Within this package, you're graced with two 4" chime candles, saturated in the wealth-attracting aura of basil and the calming promises of chamomile, both cherished for their ties to fortune and tranquility:

  1. Intent: Grasp the candle, vividly imagining the financial successes you aspire to attain.
  2. Ignite Ambition: As you light the wick, allow feelings of confidence and readiness to surge within, preparing you for the wealth to come.
  3. Burn to Prosper: Let the candle burn to its end, symbolizing your path to financial growth and security unfolding with every flicker.

Manifest opulence with Circe's golden touch. πŸ’°πŸŒΏπŸ•―

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Customer Reviews

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Nora Navarrete
Big money candles

Love the way it smells

Everything you need in one tiny package

Love these candles they are all ready to work with all you need are your intentions. Magic made simple for lazy or new witches comes with herbs and anointment already there can’t get any simpler. As a single mom with kids and working full time these candles make my life so much simpler.

Trippy Stauter

Set your intentions right with these fixed candles for big money!!! It really works!!

Leocadie Walton
Big Money/Big Abundance

I purchased the Big Money fixed candles. They came prepared with the instructions on how to use and burn the candles. I sat and watched as the candles burned. The next day I had $300.00 dollars deposited in my bank acct. Works fast and worth the money. Will purchase again.


Love this will buy again