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New Month: New Blessings! Create Your Own Rituals

Every new month brings fresh energy, hope, and optimism for what lies ahead, making the first of the month an excellent time to perform manifestation rituals. But some are better than others for the first of the month.Before you get started with any of these rituals, you’ll want to make sure you do two things…

First, you want to clear your energy for manifesting.

You need to do this because if your energy is blocked, it will be difficult to receive what you’re trying to manifest. You can clear your energy quickly and easily by taking a shower, getting comfortable, and connecting with your breath – grounding yourself and setting intentions for positivity.

It doesn’t have to take a long time, but basically, you want to try to shake off any bad juju that might bring you down.

Second, you want to make sure you have a strong connection to the Universe.


Show Gratitude

Start by writing a big old list of everything i’m grateful for from the previous month. Write down all of the happy memories, the lessons earned, and parts of life that you are feeling super thankful for. 

Getting it all down on paper helps to see what's achieved, what parts of life are  truly enjoying, and how full of joy life already is. Plus, starting with the gratitude helps to put everything else into perspective.

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Connect with Others
Calling a friend or family member each week, or connecting monthly with a group of friends who are uplifting to you, can be a ritual that becomes sacred and nourishes your spirit. The same goes for volunteering or engaging in a community group. “It’s the ritual of showing up to help someone — no matter the cause — that can be deeply fulfilling,” says Ludwig. “The relationships that are formed in those situations also contribute to your spiritual health.”

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Though moving your body is certainly something you do for your physical health, it can also be a spiritual practice. “Many people feel spiritually connected when they’re running,” says Ludwig. But any form of exercise — lap swimming, walking, indoor cycling — can offer you that. Often, exercise can be a vehicle to help calm and still the mind, which allows us to be in the present moment. Yoga, tai chi and qi gong are particularly helpful, as they’re mind/body practices that help you find focus as you consciously move through poses and positions.

Perform Affirmations
“Affirmations, whether written down or said aloud, are a daily reminder to yourself that you’re moving in the direction you want to move in or that you’re becoming the person you want to be,” says Ludwig. Saying these words is a method of acknowledging that your spirit is fulfilled in certain ways and that you’re continuing to achieve feelings of contentment and happiness.

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Practice Gratitude & Forgiveness

Keep a gratitude journal — jot down three things each day — or tell your partner or friend what you’re thankful for. “It can change the way you feel pretty quickly,” says Ludwig. “Particularly in times of stress or difficulty, practicing gratitude can be helpful. Focusing on the positive helps ease worry and pain, and brings forth an indescribable sense of well-being.” Practicing forgiveness is a similar ritual. “Take an honest assessment of what happened during the day and, if something doesn’t feel right, find forgiveness so you don’t carry it with you,” Ludwig advises. These practices are great end-of-day rituals that require you to reflect internally.

Pray & Meditate

“The nature of the mind is to bring us off track, which can lead to stress and lack of clarity,” says Ludwig. “But if you’re committed to a prayer or meditation practice, even for just five minutes, you can bring yourself into balance.” Whether you say a prayer for yourself or for someone else, it’s about connecting with something larger than yourself.

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