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CIRCE Hyssop .35 oz. - Herbs

CIRCE Hyssop .35 oz. - Herbs

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Purification, Protection

Hyssop is one of the more ancient magical and medicinal herbs, proposed to have been in use since classical antiquity (between the 8th century BCE and the 6th century CE). It is referenced several times in the bible. The most widely known bible reference of Hyssop is David's Prayer- Psalms 51:7 - "Cleanse me with Hyssop, and I will be clean".

Knowing these references, as well as a few other notable ones (hyssop being used to purify people and homes in Leviticus, as well as being used as protection during the Passover), we can see the historical value of the herb's purifying and protective qualities. In modern times, Hyssop is used frequently in baths, sachets, and talismans, particularly when purging negativity from one's self or home. 

Warning - Magical Herbs and powders for ritual use.

Use the essence of nature to enhance your magical workings, in ritual baths or to add to poppets, sachets, for burning in incense or for healing the spirit. Mother nature has provided all you need for love, prosperity, protection, wealth, healing psychic work or simple relaxation. Tune in to the rhythms of our planet by using her bounty.

All the herbs and powders we sell are intended for ritual/spellcraft use only. They are not sold for any form of medicinal use and even though some of the herbs are well known culinary varieties you cannot assume they are of a culinary grade and so should not under any circumstances ingest them in any form or by any means. 

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Customer Reviews

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Trippy Stauter
Great for Purification!!

I discontinued using all other herbs and supplements when using hyssop to get the full experience. You will see a big difference!

Laurie McEntyre
Hyssop Natural Herb

This is a must have herb in your box of magic! All of Circe Boutique's herbs come packaged in a resealable pouch and have fresh aromas. I like to put some in my mojo bags, on my candles and sprinkled in my bath. Some herbs are nice in a simmering pot on the stove as well. I have most of her herbs in my collection and I am happy with the fresh quality of all of them! ( I have received some pretty bad quality herbs elsewhere) I highly recommend getting a good variety to have on hand for all of your intentions. Great value for the amount too!!