Ambassador Order Forms

Sell CIRCE part-time or full-time‚ÄĒyour schedule, your choice. Enjoy discounts on your personal orders and earn commissions by sharing your favorite products in person with our catalogs, through your affiliate link, or by going live on any social platform.

CIRCE Ambassador FAQs

After Signing Up, What Comes Next?

Upon joining, you'll receive a welcome email containing links to purchase your starter kit. Additionally, this email will prompt you to provide your Direct Deposit details, enabling us to arrange commission payments for you.

After completing this process, expect a follow-up email containing login credentials to access your Ambassador dashboard.

What's the Ambassador Dashboard Used For?

Here's where you can track your sales and commission earnings, as well as create orders for your customers. You'll also have access to your affiliate link, unique discount code, and the option to purchase additional copies of our latest catalog from this dashboard. Simply locate the dashboard login link at the bottom of our home page.

What's Next After Receiving a Customer Order?

1. Log in to the Ambassador dashboard and navigate to the "My Customers" tab.
2. Enter your customer's details, ensuring you provide their First Name and Email Address.
3. Click on "Create Order" and search for your customer by Name or Email.
4. Add the products they are ordering to the order.
5. Select "YES" for shipping cost - shipping is calculated based on weight and dimensions during checkout.
6. Click on "Draft Order."
7. Finally, click "CREATE" to complete the process.

Is Purchasing a Starter Kit Required?

Yes, we've simplified the process by offering three starter kits, each featuring our best sellers and 10 copies of our catalog. Upon purchase, you'll gain access to your Ambassador dashboard, enabling you to promptly enter and fulfill orders for your customers.

How Do I Receive Payment?

Your dashboard will display all paid orders from customers and commission earnings. Weekly payments are directly deposited into the bank account you provided us upon sign-up.